Welcome to Snow Mansions

Your ultimate housing at Mount Snow tailor made suitable for employees.


Welcome to
Snow Mansions


Your Ultimate Ski Resort Accommodations

Snow Mansions is pleased to present a housing opportunity for employees at Mount Snow. Our multiple houses, designated to employee housing will make your experience at Mount Snow an unforgettable one.

Our houses are located within a mile of Mount Snow and within close walking distance of Moover bus. Our onsite staff is readily available to provide maintenance and cleaning services. Coin operated laundry machines and hi speed internet are provided at all houses.

Rooms have been precisely priced considering various elements. See photos and floorplans to choose your room. If you’d like to book a room with your friends, you can use our feature to hold a room for up to 12 hours and invite your friends to join you.

DJ House

  • Big house
  • 7 bedrooms
  • Some private bathrooms
  • Not more than 6 persons per bathroom
  • 2-4 persons per bedroom
  • Large kitchen
  • Two fridges
  • Beautiful porch
  • Huge lounge
  • Huge game room with ping pong and billiard tables
  • Hi speed wifi
  • Coin operated laundry machines

Terrace House

  • Humongous mansion in great condition
  • Huge kitchen, 3 full size ovens, big fridges
  • Huge living room
  • Billiard and ping pong tables
  • Close proximity to mountain
  • 12 big bedrooms
  • All with private full bathrooms
  • Big comfortable dining room
  • Generally not more than 7 people per bathroom. Some less.
  • Game room
  • 2 suites with kitchens and lounge, each suite has 2 bedrooms of 4 people each
  • Few minute walk to Moover bus

303 Rt 100 Unit B

  • 8 bedrooms
  • No more than 2 bedrooms per bathroom
  • Two kitchens
  • Huge deck
  • Recently renovated
  • On Moover route
  • Some private bathrooms
  • 2-4 people per room
  • Two dining rooms and living rooms
  • Beautiful view of mountains
  • Located very close to mountain

17 Upper Highlands Loop

  • Very big spacious house
  • Most with private bathrooms
  • Two big dining rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Beautiful view of mountain
  • 13 bedrooms
  • Two big kitchens
  • Abundance of common areas
  • Very close to mountain
  • Billiard and ping pong tables


In Vermont winter season with snow dominating the roads, location plays a big role in getting to and from work in a timely fashion. We’re located very close to mountain and along the Moover bus route.

Decades of Trust

Our houses have been serving guests successfully for many decades. They were actually built with that purpose in mind. Experience is name of the game. The facility has been under new ownership these past few years, who have invested profusely in improvements.

Spacious Accommodations

When designing layout of rooms, our professional staff takes much consideration in density sensitivity. Rooms have an amount of beds that maintains comfort of guests. Almost every room boasts a private Bathroom. Never more than 6 guests per bathroom.

Ultimate Relaxation

Our houses boast an abundance of common areas. When you come home from a full day’s work relax and enjoy yourself in our lounges, living rooms and game rooms.

Dine In Comfort

More than enough kitchen and dining room space to serve everyone comfortably. Many appliances are brand new.


Weekly cleanings provided. Coin operated laundry machines in each house for your use. All houses are equipped with modern hi speed wifi internet to be used at your leisure.


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